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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<davexunit>morning guilers
<davexunit>for those of you that use debian: do you just compile your own guile? 2.0.5 is what the debian repos have and that's a bit old.
<fbs>yea just compile it
<davexunit>I've read things about building source packages and stuff.
<davexunit>oh boy. debian testing has too old of a version of automake.
<davexunit>some funky stuff is going on. I have a libgmp > 4.2 installed but ./configure complains about it not being found.
<wingo>davexunit: did you install the -dev package?
<davexunit>heh. that'll do it. guess I've been away for debian for too long. thanks.
<davexunit>s/away for/away from/
<davexunit>./configure: line 45863: syntax error near unexpected token `LIBFFI,'
<wingo>davexunit: that means you were missing pkg-config's .m4 file
<wingo>install pkg-config, do an autoreconf, then try again
<davexunit>sure thing.
<davexunit>I installed pkg-config after my first unsuccessful ./configure run
<wingo>then autoreconf -vif && ./configure ...
<davexunit>thanks wingo. that worked.
<davexunit>autotools remain mostly a mystery to me
<wingo>it's a mess, but for users that receive tarballs it usually works well
<wingo>good day ijp
<davexunit>wingo: trying out figl examples. I have installed the freeglut package on debian, but dynamic-link still cannot find libglut. any ideas?
<wingo>davexunit: install the glut dev package
<wingo>it's missing the .so -> .so.N.M.O symlink
<wingo>we need to fix that in guile's dynamic linker
<wingo>so it can resolve .so.N.M.O files directly
<davexunit>ohhh okay
<davexunit>thanks again wingo
<davexunit>reading the null-program source is informative
<davexunit>accumulate-fps! is neat
<davexunit>let-over-lambda is a pattern I need to get better at using. I did fps counting in a much less elegant way.
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<shizzy0>hello guilers
<shizzy0>civodul: I submitted Emacsy as a google summer of code project!
<wingo>nice :)
<Nafai>Emacsy looks interesting!
<shizzy0>Nafai: Glad to hear it. :)
<shizzy0>Well, we'll see what happens. I wonder when they announce.
<Nafai>shizzy0: I take it you are Shane...I remember seeing your kickstarter, probably would have backed it if I was in a position to do so
<ijp>zile is basically going the whole "emacs as a library" route
<shizzy0>Nafai: yeah, I'm thinking I might switch my IRC handle to shanecelis. I switched my github from secelis to shanecelis. Just standardize it all.
<shizzy0>ijp: Hadn't seen zile. Is it like QEmacs?
<Nafai>shizzy0: what did you use to create the literate program?
<shizzy0>Nafai: I started with nuweb then I switched to noweb.
<ijp>it's similar, sure
<shizzy0>Nafai: What do you use?
<Nafai>I haven't really done any literate programming, so I was curious
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<shizzy0>ijp: So, I have another little side project, a prototype to try and bring Emacs, but in this case QEmacs, to the iphone using unistroke letters.
<shizzy0>Nafai: It's nice if you're doing anything with math, or you want to show some figures.
<Nafai>yeah, definitely
<shizzy0>However, one big issue with it is that Emacs gets pretty confused about what's LaTeX and what's code. That's the biggest downer about it so far.
*shanecelis gets new nick
<shanecelis>only 18 steps to do it.
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