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<Fulax>Is there a preferred way to send pull request or alike?
<Fulax>(like git format-patch)
<ijp`>for guile?
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<ijp>git-format-patch, and send to guile-devel
<dsmith-work>"Please send a patch and commit log as produced by git format-patch."
<Fulax>dsmith-work: thanks
<Fulax>I missed/forget this page somehow
<dsmith-work>Or: What ijp said
<ijp>commit message should be in gnu changelog format
<ijp>(just copy the rest)
<dsmith-work>Of course, you should be using magit for editing your commit messages. As well as most other things with git.
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<nalaginrut>morning guilers~
<civodul>'lo Guilers!
<nalaginrut>I'm working on gdb-guile, any suggestion?
<nalaginrut>or any work-in-progress I can join?
<nalaginrut>hah~so I'm the one~
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<jmd>Is there getopt implementation for guile (or similar) ?
<ijp>(ice-9 getopt-long) or (srfi srfi-37)
*civodul recommends the latter
*ijp thorough recommends not copying (ice-9 command-line)
<civodul>well, it had very specific requirements :-)
<civodul>it had to be done manually to make sure it would really do the same thing as before
<ijp>the rationale given in the file is to cut down startup time
<jmd>string compare should be done using eqv? or eq?
<ijp>you should be doing equal?
<DerGuteMoritz>or string=?
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<ijp>good afternoon
<dsmith-w`>Hey hey
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<tupi>hello guilers, greetings
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