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2020-04-23[02:40:43] <ryanprior> no lmao my guile is actually terrible. I know a decent amount of racket, clojure, and elisp, so my default when writing guile is "write racket and go to the docs when something doesn't work" X.X
2020-04-03[19:56:48] <lfam> Hey dustyweb, are you around? I was wondering if you recommend using DrRacket from the Guix Racket package
2020-04-03[19:58:36] <Blackbeard> lfam: it is good for racket, you will like it
2020-04-03[21:13:45] <dustyweb> lfam: admittedly I ususally use racket-mode in emacs
2020-03-31[13:00:22] * kmicu sometimes wonders whether switching to Chez (like Racket) would give us ‘guix pull’ under a half gigabyte of RAM.
2020-03-08[18:11:55] <lafrenierejm> efraim: I thought rakudo was perl6? raco is Racket's package manager.
2020-02-25[22:33:03] <drakonis> port guix to racket eyyy
2020-02-09[03:57:25] <drakonis> and have the ability to eventually have something like guix on racket
2020-02-08[03:09:40] <marusich> I'm currently reading through Realm of Racket. It's pretty fun.
2020-02-02[19:16:31] <drakonis1> well, up next for guile, absorb racket features
2020-02-02[19:18:04] <drakonis1> lang keyword for racket.
2020-01-27[14:43:55] <jboy> efraim: perhaps?
2020-01-27[20:53:16] <Blackbeard[m]> NieDzejkob: in that case I would use racket which can support images inside your code
2020-01-26[21:50:17] <drakonis> rsound is a racket library lol
2020-01-20[17:09:58] <dustyweb> I'd love to get it packaged in guix but I haven't had time to look at that, though Dimakakos I think is still working on the racket stuff
2020-01-20[17:10:54] <dustyweb> I'd like to get Racket and Guile actors speaking to each other, but I am waiting until the reference implementation stabilizes a bit in Racket
2020-01-18[03:56:46] <jackhill> brettgilio_: I see you have a newer racket in your channel too. Is there a problem with having that in guix?
2020-01-18[13:38:23] <peanutbutterandc> oriansj, Whoa. But how will that 'guile' that guix bootstraps in that hypothetical world be guile as it is and not racket or mit-scheme? o.O
2020-01-13[01:16:38] <NieDzejkob> does `guix build racket' fail for anybody else?
2020-01-13[01:52:34] <pat_h> Looks like Racket 7.3 failed to build on ci recently, see:
2020-01-13[02:53:46] <roptat> NieDzejkob, I built racket without any issue from a guix from january 8
2020-01-09[07:49:54] <drakonis> with enough effort, one could implement racket's defining features into guile, right?
2019-11-22[00:35:10] <Blackbeard[m]> Racket-mode is nice
2019-11-20[12:38:21] <kmicu> (The situation is simialar to expressive power of Racket and the recent (and sad imo) news “First, it is unclear how to apply the LGPL’s statement about dynamic linking to a language like Racket, where macro expansion can copy code from libraries to applications, and where applications are typically bundled with the Racket runtime and libraries.”)
2019-11-14[13:11:12] <xd1le> if you have no programming experience, I can highly recommend learning racket as I feel they are more newbie friendly with all the documentation/guides they have, compared to guile
2019-11-14[13:12:15] <xd1le> they even have a racket ide for complete newcomers to programmer, drracket
2019-11-14[13:12:32] <xd1le> or you can just use racket-mode with emacs, I saw you say you use emacs
2019-11-14[13:13:41] <xd1le> but they have a long history with teaching scheme (previously racket used to be a scheme dialect called PLTscheme)
2019-11-14[13:14:52] <olivuser> xd1le, so it makes more sense to learn racket instead of scheme? I was unsure, also because I have already bought sicp and thought that, after all, the difficulty to learn shouldnt be too different
2019-11-14[13:16:39] <leoprikler> Racket, like Guile, is a Scheme dialect, so the basics are the same
2019-11-14[13:17:19] <xd1le> racket isn't all that different from scheme (from what I know), so you can probably apply racket to sicp
2019-11-14[13:18:52] <dutchie> I think if you want to learn racket you should also consider How to Design Programs
2019-11-14[13:18:55] <olivuser> alright. Then Ill see how long I am able to follow sicp, and if Im no longer able to follow I will see how far I get with racket. I already found two introdutory books, one in english and one in my native language (german)
2019-11-14[13:18:56] <dutchie> since that's "racket-native"
2019-11-14[13:19:10] <xd1le> in racket you can also just use r6rs scheme by putting "#lang r6rs" at the top of your racket file, but then yes it won't be racket anymore
2019-11-14[13:36:52] <xd1le> My main reason really for recommending Racket to newcomers is (probably) more internet resources regarding racket dedicated to newcomers. Other than that, should be able to use either Guile or Racket for sicp, but probably guile would be better since it is a scheme whereas racket isn't.
2019-11-14[13:41:24] <leoprikler> To me it makes little sense to install Racket as a teaching aid if it's not going to be used elsewhere (as part of a project or whatever).
2019-11-14[13:49:37] <xd1le> yeah I was thinking learning racket could translate to scheme easily but I guess it could also trip you up. It's hard for me to judge as well since I don't really use racket anymore, but still use guile for guix.
2019-11-14[15:26:48] <truby> olivuser: I've heard good things about How To Design Programs for learning to program as a beginner, I think it's a little more approachable than SICP? It also uses Racket :-)
2019-11-14[15:56:45] <dutchie> olivuser: no, it won't load it unless you tell it to. something like (for example) `(use-packge racket-mode :mode "\\.rkt\\'")` should do the trick if you have installed the emacs-racket-mode package
2019-11-14[16:01:59] <olivuser> do you happen to know why emacs cant find mit-scheme (or racket, or any other programming language installed via guix) when I try to run "M-x run-mit"?
2019-11-11[22:34:23] <bendersteed> hello guix, I'm working on a racket build system. Is there any guile function for recursively symlinking a dir?
2019-11-10[11:01:29] <rndd> hi everyone! does anyone program in racket? i need advice =|
2019-11-06[01:08:51] <bendersteed> I'm working on a racket build system in guix, but I'm kinda new to this so I have a silly question. Where do we add a file for packages to be built by make? I don't see them in
2019-10-25[22:31:53] <bdju> I really think java should be a dep and you should be able to just run `clojure` out of the box. is that crazy? you can get racket or python working that easily
2019-10-13[17:41:26] <truby> bash syntax just makes me shiver :-) I want to play around with a shell that uses scheme as its language... I know there's a racket one floating around
2019-10-13[17:51:32] <truby> this is pretty much what I was thinking of
2019-10-13[18:03:53] <truby> Yeah, I don't know if you've used racket but it can do some crazy things with those
2019-10-13[18:15:07] <nckx> There seems to be a pattern of Racket beguiling Schemers so it'll probably happen yet.
2019-10-13[18:22:51] <truby> It's a lot of fun. I enjoy typed racket a lot because I have real issues getting my head around dynamic typing, it's the only thing I don't like about most lisps
2019-10-11[18:10:05] <truby> ah right. Basically I'm trying to write a package for racket's chez scheme backend, which requies a patched version of the chez-scheme source code from their github that you pass the path to with --enable-scheme=... and I can't really work out how to do it :-)
2019-10-11[18:27:35] <truby> so it would be in .. relative to where racket is getting built?
2019-10-11[18:28:35] <truby> and therefore (string-append "--enable-scheme=../ChezScheme-racket-v" version) should work? I'll have to try that :-)
2019-10-11[18:28:36] <reepca> if this is happening after the unpack phase, then '.' is inside the racket build directory (something like /tmp/guix-build-racket.drv-0/racket-source).
2019-10-10[09:06:40] <bdju> I keep running out of disk space trying to update, then I guix gc, and it seems I then have to rebuild what I just built. I'm definitely building racket for the third time now... really quite awful
2019-10-10[09:09:05] <bdju> I guess if this fails again (hopefully sooner than 12 hours from now) I'll add racket to the list of stuff to not update
2019-10-10[09:11:16] <bdju> I'm thinking if I knew a bit more there would probably have been a less painful path, like if racket really was built, maybe I could've sent the binary to another machine before the gc
2019-10-10[09:13:21] <roptat> bdju: if racket is built but the transaction (upgrade) is not finished, it's not considered live, because it's not reachable from a gc root, so gc will collect it
2019-10-10[09:14:38] <roptat> What you can do is run guix environment --ad-hoc racket, which will create a temporary root for the gc
2019-10-10[09:15:04] <roptat> Then guix gc won't collect racket as long as you are in the environment
2019-09-10[15:27:12] <nly> ah rekado, i was thinking it might be nice to have an 'animate' function in pict, from racket's animate, wdyt?
2019-09-04[09:41:55] <sirmacik> gnu_srs1: as far as I remember it works the same:
2019-08-10[15:17:42] <lenn> and I've read a few chapters of realm of racket
2019-07-29[22:16:28] <nothingmuch> nckx: i used to love it, but increasingly i find it unreasonable complexity for the benefit, the federation aspect is built on a bad foundation (IMO ICANN/IANA is basically a protectionist racket) and proprietary vendors seem to have managed to force bad formats on everyone as de-facto not-quite-standards
2019-07-23[04:21:10] <Blackbeard[m]> Minall: esta en inglés, usa Racket, un tipo de lisp y es creative commons
2019-07-23[04:23:42] <Dynamicmetaflow> me gusto mucho racket
2019-07-23[16:22:30] <roptat> minall, I'm told racket is the best lisp to start with
2019-07-23[16:24:17] <Fzer000> minall: use racket to learn learn, use Clojure to real big development projects
2019-07-23[16:26:08] <rekado> (it uses Racket, which is great, especially for beginners)
2019-07-23[16:26:19] <minall> Racket then !!
2019-07-23[16:26:57] <Dynamicmetaflow> I would recommend Racket for learning and then you can deviate from there depending on what you want to do
2019-07-23[16:27:33] <Fzer000> Racket -> clojure. Watch some talks by Rich Hickey, he is a great speaker
2019-07-23[18:46:44] <lispmacs> mostly, anyway, not sure if this racket build will ever finish
2019-07-22[16:30:52] <amz3> ArneBab: did you see the convo on racket ml about changing syntax?
2019-07-22[16:31:17] <amz3>!topic/racket-users/HiC7z3A5O-k
2019-07-12[18:06:32] <davexunit> Dynamicmetaflow:
2019-07-12[18:21:42] <Dynamicmetaflow> That's cool! I took a class on Racket some time ago
2019-06-14[18:01:13] <kmicu> (Racket is moving to Chez Scheme to gain some performance.)
2019-06-11[19:40:13] <dustyweb> should I push the racket-7.3 package to core-updates or to master?
2019-06-11[19:40:18] <dustyweb> nothing else is using racket atm afacit
2019-06-11[19:45:39] <nckx> dustyweb: guix refresh -l racket
2019-06-02[20:36:11] <emacsomancer> I started with elisp, and then learned some CL (mainly via Graham's books, so I've got Scheme-isms like tail-recursion), but have been trying to learn more guile & racket
2019-06-02[20:38:49] <emacsomancer> str1ngs: yeah, Lisp-family languages are fun. it's all (at this point) a hobby for me, but/so I'd much prefer to do something in elisp/CL/guile/racket than lua or python.
2019-05-08[02:47:49] <brendyyn> I think in racket they write global%, which is consistent with other things like set!
2019-03-27[17:22:21] <Blackbeard[m]> but I have used Racket and Guile more than c++
2019-03-27[17:25:46] <resttime> Don't have too much XP with Racket/Guile, but have done stuff with Common Lisp and Emacs Lisp
2019-02-13[21:41:13] <ZombieChicken> yeah. Seems to be some differences between how racket does things and how guile does that is messing with my head a bit
2019-02-12[22:43:33] <Levy[m]> There are a few books on racket which could serve as a good introduction
2019-02-10[01:56:56] <tune> I like the idea of lisp/scheme/racket/guile and all that but I don't deal with it often enough to know it well
2019-01-19[19:00:16] <Blackbeard> and other things work, like audacity or racket or vlc
2018-09-04[22:52:01] * civodul wonders what the deal is in Racket with #"foo"
2018-09-04[23:12:34] <civodul> dustyweb: you've very efficient! (and Racket has all the right libs maybe?)
2018-09-03[12:55:11] <dustyweb> civodul: heh, this demo is in racket but I might write a guile version too
2018-07-24[13:49:58] <civodul> a nice read by khinsen, featuring a rant on deployment on Racket's Scribble:
2018-07-10[13:20:01] <jonsger1> civodul: "git grep racket-fix-xform-issue.patch" on master as well as tag/v0.15.0 gives me only the use in gnu/packages/scheme.scm, but not in and gnu/packages/patches
2018-07-10[15:57:53] <jonsger1> adding perl-text-markdown-discount-unbundle.patch and racket-fix-xform-issue.patch to gnu/packages/patches, to gnu/ and running "./bootstrap" resolves the issues with guix weather/challenge
2018-07-10[16:15:06] <jonsger1> rekado: as well as racket-fix-xform-issue.patch, they got forgotten to be included in gnu/ <-- my guess
2018-07-05[15:36:54] <happy_gnu[m]> I was able to do guix pull and install locales, emacs and racket. They also keep working after Selinux is changed back to restrictive and computer is rebooted
2018-06-30[18:15:57] <dustyweb> ACTION is currently looking into adding racket packaging support into guix
2018-06-19[11:35:27] <civodul> like Racket's contracts