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2023-01-23[21:31:41] <davidl> so I wanna submit a package called wayvnc, which I have added to gnu/packages/vnc.scm. It had 2 dependencies which I also added there, which don't seem to be used for much except as dependencies to this package and possibly others by the same author. Do I have to split this to 3 commits, or can I just submit a package like "gnu: add wayvnc with dependencies..."?
2023-01-23[21:32:42] <davidl> (2 dependencies not already in guix*)
2023-01-20[20:39:10] <davidl> for the most recent master commit (2491a60404b69da20c2b4fd952e5d5e326374d1d), Im failing to build. I just use guix shell -D guix, then the regular ./bootstrap, configure stuff. Error is:
2023-01-20[20:39:10] <davidl> Error: failed to load 'gnu/packages/bison.scm':
2023-01-20[20:39:10] <davidl> ice-9/eval.scm:293:34: In procedure allocate-struct: Wrong type argument in position 1: #<syntax-transformer <origin>>
2023-01-20[20:39:10] <davidl> make[2]: *** [Makefile:6851: make-core-go] Error 1
2023-01-20[20:39:10] <davidl> make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/user1/VirtualHome/src/guix'
2023-01-20[20:39:11] <davidl> make[1]: *** [Makefile:5936: all-recursive] Error 1
2023-01-20[22:39:29] <davidl> jpoiret: thx. That got me past that one error. Got stuck on another though. I tried running make clean; make now. Will see how it goes.
2023-01-18[20:47:45] <davidl> I was trying to build a thing from source using meson and ninja, that depends on xkbcommon, so I did guix shell libxkbcommon ... ; meson build, but then I get error that dependency "xkbcommon" not found. Is libxkbcommon different than xkbcommon, or what could be the cause? Trying to build: full guix shell command was: guix shell --check gcc-toolchain meson libdrm libxkbcommon wlroots jansson linux-pam gnutls
2023-01-18[20:47:45] <davidl> ffmpeg libjpeg-turbo scdoc
2023-01-18[20:48:30] <davidl> thx
2023-01-18[20:49:04] <davidl> that helped!
2023-01-18[20:50:30] <davidl> a new package can be created!
2023-01-12[11:22:56] <davidl> Anyone who knows how to setup HSP/HFP for a bluetooth headset on Guix? I added a custom profile for pulseaudio, which makes the profiles show up in pavucontrol, but when I select them I get an error saying these profiles are still unavailable. Im guessing it is due to not having an ofono service running (I have built the ofono 2.0 package locally), but Im not sure whether it would be enough to have ofonod running, or if I need to
2023-01-12[11:22:56] <davidl> compile pulseaudio with ofono compile option flag or similar.
2023-01-12[16:54:14] <davidl> jpoiret: Ok, thanks for the tip.
2023-01-10[20:59:04] <davidl> Hi, Im in the bournish shell and need to know how to find my boot device in the dev folder. Using ,bournish RET ls dev doesn't help cuz there are too many tty devices for me to see all the devices in that folder on the screen.
2023-01-10[21:12:56] <davidl> I converted my .qcow2 virtual disk to vmdk, but when booting from it using VMWare, I am getting an No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/sda2 during the e2fsck check. Any ideas how to fix it?
2023-01-08[14:37:24] <davidl> HAs anyone tried installing GuixSD on a librem5?
2023-01-08[14:37:48] <davidl> (and got basic things to work, like calling and texting)
2023-01-08[15:46:31] <davidl> dcz_: okay. Since it's a libre device, I wonder how much work it would actually take to get Guix working on that device.
2023-01-04[20:16:28] <davidl> Is anyone using Sway and think it's better or worse than i3?
2023-01-04[20:17:10] <davidl> Any particular problems you have come across when using Sway, vs i3 in particular?
2023-01-04[20:18:49] <davidl> I have stopped using Gnome, cuz it's just too sensitive and hard to restore it to a workable state once broken, and have currently got into using Sway.
2023-01-04[20:20:24] <davidl> Guest46: I think it's trying to resemble the configuration, but it's not exactly the same.
2023-01-04[21:46:42] <davidl> apteryx: reg. icecat and gitlab - I haven't been able to for as long as I remember. I can try upgrading my icecat and check it again.
2023-01-04[21:48:36] <davidl> thx for that link
2023-01-03[20:20:37] <davidl> Hi. I need to use the btusb linux firmware module. How can I do that?
2023-01-03[20:22:04] <davidl> I can't just add (firmware (cons* btusb %base-firmware)) to my config.scm and reconfigure cuz it won't find btusb.
2023-01-03[20:22:35] <davidl> the %base-firmware doesn't contain much.
2023-01-03[20:28:11] <davidl> podiki[m]1: it is a linux kernel module btusb.c that contains firmware for usb bluetooth devices, such as asus usb-bt500
2023-01-03[20:28:40] <davidl> podiki[m]1:
2023-01-03[20:39:36] <davidl> podiki[m]1: hmm. Maybe. I tried using info from that link, but it's not straight foward, I wonder if I need to define a btusb-config file.
2023-01-03[20:40:09] <davidl> podiki[m]1: supposedly it works on trisquel 10 nadia according to
2023-01-03[20:40:26] <davidl> nabia*
2023-01-03[20:41:31] <davidl> podiki[m]1: and yes, modinfo btusb does show me that it exists.
2023-01-03[20:42:32] <davidl> but: $ blueman-adapters
2023-01-03[20:42:32] <davidl> blueman-adapters 20.41.50 ERROR Adapter:63 __init__ : No adapter(s) found
2023-01-03[20:42:32] <davidl> still after restarting bluetooth service etc.
2023-01-03[20:48:00] <davidl> podiki[m]1: so, you are probably on the right track - the device driver exists as free software, but maybe no free firmware so the device won't be found. also, dmesg says: Bluetooth: hci0: RTL: firmware file /*(DEBLOBBED)*/ not found
2023-01-03[20:49:00] <davidl> (s/won't be found/won't be accessible?/)
2023-01-03[20:50:17] <davidl> I don't fully understand the difference between firmware and device drivers :-(
2023-01-03[20:51:13] <davidl> podiki[m]1: Im also considering switching to a normal linux kernel to not having to deal with this, and so I get microcode updates etc.
2023-01-03[20:52:15] <davidl> lfam: haha, yeah it's 2023 ^^
2023-01-03[20:53:33] <davidl> podiki[m]1: I promise :) I had hoped to avoid it but Im not sure what the best choice is anymore.
2023-01-03[20:53:50] <davidl> ACTION afk
2022-12-20[21:06:54] <davidl> Anyone who knows how to start bluetooth service? I get: localhost shepherd[1]: [bluetoothd] D-Bus setup failed: Connection ":1.2247" is not allowed to own the service "org.bluez" due to security policies in the configuration file
2022-12-05[11:43:18] <davidl> Will there be a mips64 port for the 1.4 release?
2022-12-05[13:56:10] <davidl> Thought: wouldn't it be cool to have a guix system rollback --state={postgres,mysql...,root?} that would let you roll-back service-related directories like /var/lib/mysql etc? Say if system services declared a record for state-directories that they write their state-files to, it could be bundled nicely with roll-back feature - for example it would be nice to be able roll-back the Gnome desktop service to a prior state.
2022-12-05[13:56:53] <davidl> ...this would be a btrfs snapshot feature.
2022-12-05[14:00:26] <davidl> ...state-files/directories: would just refer to anything that keeps a programs state in between it stops and starts, so files and directories where a program writes to disk.
2022-10-15[15:24:47] <davidl> I have a problem booting one of my systems, even after reinstalling and can't figure out whats not working. The grub boot menu comes up but then it just stops at a Guix background login screen forever. I have full disk encryption with luks 1.
2022-10-15[15:26:00] <davidl> my partitioning is part1: 2 MB bios boot, part2: luks 1 and btrfs (incl boot), and part 3 is a luks 1 but a plain block device - not mapped as a filesystem.
2022-10-15[15:26:47] <davidl> (actually part2 is a LVM vg)
2022-10-15[15:26:56] <davidl> (I mean part3 is)
2022-10-15[20:48:01] <davidl> anyone who has a working full encryption (incl. /boot) setup with btrfs? who can share their config?
2022-10-13[17:07:55] <davidl> is there any way to skip building the directory of info manuals when reconfiguring?
2022-10-06[09:07:46] <davidl> rekado: Thanks for showing me that (jupyterlab package at guix-science).
2022-10-06[09:09:03] <davidl> Is there any foolproof way to limit the number of cpu's used for all guix processes?
2022-10-06[09:17:26] <davidl> PurpleSym: yes
2022-10-06[09:17:48] <davidl> I tried that earlier but it didn't always work.
2022-10-06[09:18:06] <davidl> Maybe I should just try again, unless you know of other methods?
2022-10-06[09:18:37] <davidl> Basically, I don't know if the daemon maybe forks processes that will start using other cores, and maybe that is the issue sometimes.
2022-10-06[09:41:14] <davidl> PurpleSym: no I don't have one handy. I just know that last time I tried to do this it didn't work. However, if it only applies to builds, then maybe the issues I had before were sometimes with a guix pull.
2022-10-06[09:41:35] <davidl> or calculating a derivation or similar.
2022-10-06[09:42:01] <davidl> (anything guix might do which isn't strictly a package build)
2022-10-04[14:11:51] <davidl> is there any way to identify dependency loops using guix (like maybe some code snippet or anything)?
2022-10-04[14:25:55] <davidl> civodul: yes, when Im packaging new packages for guix, I usually create a module.scm file, where I add a new package with all dependencies, the dependencies of which sometimes create loops.
2022-10-04[14:28:44] <davidl> civodul: yes, when I suspect it happening I hurry to click Ctrl-C or else, my machine must be rebooted >(
2022-10-04[14:28:58] <davidl> thanks
2022-10-04[14:38:58] <davidl> cbaines: nice, Ill try adding it to master and see if it works!
2022-10-04[14:48:36] <davidl> cbaines: it needs rebased again :-(
2022-10-04[14:53:42] <davidl> cbaines: the patch was from like Mars or April I think.
2022-10-04[14:54:30] <davidl> cbaines: from April 20, 2020 :)
2022-10-04[15:16:02] <davidl> cbaines: awesome! Ill try it
2022-10-04[15:16:55] <davidl> cbaines: next challenge: automatically look for earlier versions with reduced dependency lists, to assist bootstrapping :)
2022-10-04[20:52:39] <davidl> just got jupyterlab up and running on Guix, wohoo! :-) not ready to submit patches, but still, now we know it works :)
2022-10-01[13:51:45] <davidl> this unsupported manifest format error was fixed, but, what range of commits in the time-machine must I avoid? Could we have a warning pop up when using guix time-machine that Im about to travel to a commit that doesn't work.
2022-10-01[22:10:13] <davidl> anyone who has a functional guix time-machine --commit=<somemonthsoldormore> -- package -i some-package ?
2022-10-01[22:10:25] <davidl> I only get unsupported manifest format errors
2022-09-26[20:43:28] <davidl> lechner: there is a guix branch called wip-postfix that might be of interest, and there should be some email thread on the mailing lists about it. rekado rebased it not so long ago, but I don't think it got merged to master.
2022-09-26[20:51:37] <davidl> lechner: youre welcome :-) do you mind sharing your opensmtpd config? I have a setup with postfix, but not on guix, but wanna switch to guix, but Im unsure about getting opensmtpd up and running as I want it to.
2022-09-26[20:52:23] <davidl> jpoiret: there was guildhall before right? Is that project dead?
2022-09-26[20:56:48] <davidl> basically all of it :)
2022-09-26[20:57:47] <davidl> lechner: idk if you keep it in git somewhere? Then I could look around if you send me a link.
2022-09-26[21:01:22] <davidl> lechner: ok, thanks!
2022-09-26[22:19:51] <davidl> lechner: thanks for sharing!
2022-09-22[14:55:55] <davidl> jpoiret: Hi, I finally saw your tips re Full disk encryption with grub-efi and LUKS2, but Im still not certain how to deal with if you don't use EFI. I just have 1 partition encrypted and use the "regular" grub-bootloader. Do you know how this can be solved for me?
2022-09-22[14:58:10] <davidl> jpoiret, that would befine
2022-09-22[14:59:20] <davidl> hmm ok. Maybe thats too complicated for me currently then
2022-09-22[14:59:56] <davidl> I think I might just boot using the installer and chroot into the old system until the next grub master is in guix again
2022-09-22[15:00:26] <davidl> that would benice
2022-09-22[15:01:03] <davidl> thanks for sharing the information on the list though, I was really stuck and clueless and hopeless ^^
2022-09-22[19:37:49] <davidl> jpoiret: thx, much appreciated!
2022-09-21[11:53:45] <davidl> I have a luks-encrypted disk with a btrfs partition Im trying to install on, but it won't boot after and I have no idea why.
2022-09-21[11:55:21] <davidl> Can someone see what's wrong with this config:
2022-09-21[14:04:39] <davidl> seems down
2022-09-21[14:06:22] <davidl> remyd1: probably is also not serving substitutes currently
2022-09-19[20:27:14] <davidl> Is there any general way which you can run guix system init to a remote target? For example, can you run guix deploy instead of guix system init?