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2021-12-21[14:55:39] <cehteh> totall loss
2021-12-21[14:56:11] <notmaximed> total loss of files or total loss of performance?
2021-12-21[19:59:46] <notmaximed> The eventual goal was to reproduce the official binary of go-ethereum, to prevent ���financial loss due to miscompilation���, I think?
2021-12-21[20:01:06] <lfam> It's a bit silly that financial loss is a risk of miscompilation of a package. Although I always advocate for using the exact dependency graph specified upstream for Go software
2021-12-21[20:04:02] <notmaximed> (about the financial loss thing) Why are go packages special here? Because if my browser has some security bug (caused by a compilation mistake or whatever), then when I log in into the e-banking system, then an attacker could use that�� security bug to steal money or whatever.
2021-12-21[20:07:04] <notmaximed> Then I presume the difference between the financial loss in ���go package/browser���, is that the go package is ethereum, a cryptocurrency, where reverting fraudulent transactions is way more difficult
2021-12-19[05:36:21] <nckx> the_tubular: Just that ���guix on top of debian is not what guix should be��� ��� neither is what you went through, so at some point you have to say ���well this ain't it��� and cut your losses.
2021-12-19[19:38:07] <lfam> I think that replacing (assoc-ref inputs "foo") with search-input-file entails a loss of specificity in how we describe dependencies.
2021-12-19[19:40:38] <lfam> We should make it work with gexps, so that packages can be selected specifically in cases like this. Or justify the loss of specificity explicitly, rather than just saying that it's good enough
2021-12-17[04:02:46] <lfam> Beyond that, I'm not really sure. It's been a while since I had trouble after a hard reset / power loss
2021-12-16[22:09:27] <nckx> Win Subsystem for Loss yes.
2021-12-15[19:16:45] <drakonis> unmatched-paren: hardly a loss
2021-12-13[19:09:40] <f1refly> is it normal that my X server is lagging like hell when using picom? It worked just fine on arch without any noticable performance loss whatsoever using the same config
2021-11-27[21:31:12] * nckx wonders whether to cut their losses and stop.
2021-11-24[16:45:08] <M6piz7wk[m]> also looking at the CDDL license it seems to me that oracle is committed to FLOSS, but they aren't given the opportunity to be a FLOSS company like from what i was reseaching in that when there was this whole issue with it in linux kernel they would have a significant losses on GPLv3
2021-11-19[11:32:29] <jpoiret> you can use `mtr` to see if there's any packet loss along the way
2021-11-06[10:37:52] <tissevert> (I would've though : porting guix the package manager to BSD, but since you specified "Guix System", I'm at a loss)
2021-11-04[21:30:19] <apteryx> nckx: so both autossh services must conflict, leading to connection loss perhaps
2021-10-30[02:51:03] <mahmooz> ���� their loss i guess
2021-10-21[13:11:44] <jpoiret> but on the other hand, discarding an hibernated image could lead to simply data loss
2021-10-04[23:20:58] <attila_lendvai> i think it's very much desirable with go-ethereum, and in general in the crypto space. these software are dealing with wallets holding millions of dollars worth of crypto... making a mistake in the go importer, and building it with a wrong version of a dependency that has a bug unfixed, may result in enormous losses. and it's not even hostile actors here...
2021-10-04[23:29:19] <attila_lendvai> e.g. if your geth client is staking, and it's running with a bug compared to the rest of the network, e.g. due to getting compiled with the wrong version of one of its dependencies, then such a bug directly turns into real losses.
2021-10-04[23:30:48] <attila_lendvai> iskarian, that's not my point. my point is that guix tries to act as an extra pair of eyes wrt worms, but may end up mis-compiling the package and causing losses for people who just guix package -i go-ethereum
2021-09-21[22:05:40] <nckx> dstolfa: Why? It's a loss less code than pulling in the entire (huge) blkid stack that does exactly the same in C.
2021-09-19[13:55:20] <pkill9> and don't worry about the risks of data loss, I have that covered
2021-08-20[23:27:09] <lfam> Like, imagine a bug in Guix System's file-systems code, that caused data loss. It wouldn't be reflected in the weather reports
2021-08-15[01:22:17] <raingloom> well, sans the numerous gvfs bugs that can lead to data loss :)
2021-08-14[21:05:11] <breathein> But I get ~10% packet loss
2021-08-14[21:08:45] <breathein> I test out `ping` on a different machine on the same network, and I get 0% packet loss
2021-07-16[19:28:46] <monkwitdafunk> as long as you dont suffer financial losses, that is all that matters my family says so there is no need to get worked up
2021-06-24[04:40:11] <zacchae[m]> Hmm. Databases is what I would want snapshotted. I haven't had that problem, but I'd hate to tell you "btrfs is fine for that" only for you to get some data loss
2021-06-21[23:39:21] <ixmpp> i'm at a loss, tbh, everything i try for this isn't working well, but i can't believe i'm the only person with this issue
2021-06-08[22:54:16] <ixmpp> but i'm just scared it's gonna lead to data loss
2021-05-28[19:02:53] <nckx> It was certainly a net loss overall.
2021-05-23[20:17:27] <robin> it gets cranky if you run out of disk space but i've never had data loss from it
2021-05-10[00:14:41] <leoprikler> of course, depending on when the image is invalidated, you could get into resume ��� power outage ��� data loss
2021-05-10[00:14:52] <leoprikler> or resume ��� power outage ��� resume ��� data loss
2021-05-09[23:58:19] <nckx> leoprikler: I think the basic steps to go from zero to hibernation hero are (1) add your swap device as ���resume=/dev/swap0��� to your kernel-arguments (2) reboot. You could add that to the manual somewhere. I'm a bit nervous about it: the possibility for data loss is real.
2021-04-28[16:30:33] <vagrantc> getthe the display to work requires disabling the alternate display via usb-c, but that's no loss since it doesn't work yet
2021-04-27[00:00:36] <lfam> darth-cheney: I'm at a loss
2021-04-26[23:09:58] <rekado> wikipedia says that ���some perception of loss of honor or dignity [���] is involved��� in embarassment, so let me say that this perception is unfounded :)
2021-04-15[00:00:01] <rekado> it���s not unexpected then than projects that have been around for a long time and have had actual independent project management see the association as a loss.
2021-03-28[14:57:54] <gxr> hqert: zfs has a lot of neat features. I do not have a requirement at the moment to use zfs, ceph or something similar. I use btrfs with luks. I do regular backups in order to not loose anything critical. I can live with a few hours of data loss atm. But anyway, good luck with your zfs endeavour.
2021-03-26[19:34:28] <lle-bout> raghavgururajan: the git history will not be 100% pretty but I think judging benefit/loss this will be more than fine
2021-03-25[17:13:15] <paulj> I haven't tried that yet. When I installed Guix everything just worked, and as I had an external mouse attached I never noticed the loss of the trackpad function. I'll do a bit more investigation and see whether I can narrow it down further. Interestingly, I have another X270 running Gentoo and this is also configured to use libinput, and has no issues. I am just updating that machine and will see if there is issue external to the
2021-03-23[20:09:30] <genr8_> I'm at a loss of how to delete this and proceed.
2021-03-18[08:33:16] <rekado_> roptat: ping latency is not all that interesting, I think. I asked for ICMP to be enabled, because it is also used to negotiate packet size and a failure to accomplish that can lead to packet loss and reduced bandwidth
2021-03-10[17:18:19] <Noisytoot> ";; "LOST PROFITS" becoms "LOSS OF GOODWILL" and a section is added between 6.2" should be ";; "LOST PROFITS" becomes "LOSS OF GOODWILL" and a section is added between 6.2"
2021-02-28[19:00:39] <nckx> Thanks. I just need to cut, ideally without quality loss. Encoding is optional, I can do that on the CLI too.
2021-02-28[20:14:31] <Whyvn> yeah unsure if its frozen or not.. top says processes are running and guix processes shows it. if it doesnt finish by the time i get home i am going to close it and just cut it as a loss
2021-02-25[19:08:41] <rekado> but I���m bringing it up with the network people anyway, because I wonder if it might be related to occasional packet loss
2021-01-25[23:03:29] <lfam> Yeah, and they worked fine for us at work, until we had an application that couldn't tolerate very short duration network loss
2021-01-16[17:11:49] <mdevos> Is it just my bad Internet connection, or is down? ���ping��� ( tells ���100% packet loss���
2020-12-16[18:14:44] <jcf> To prevent accidental data loss?
2020-12-03[00:39:10] <lle-bout> For companies, local files are intellectual property loss risk
2020-11-09[15:10:10] <db48x> it would definitely be a loss to get rid of them
2020-11-07[12:35:10] <xelxebar> nckx: Cheers. Grepping through the entire repo for the symbol 'term-auto' finds nothing, so I was at a loss of where to look for more info.
2020-11-02[05:26:17] <apteryx> Oh! Is that how our samba package is configured? Regarding the loss of data; how's that even possible to write data there in the first place? the store is supposed to be read-only, so it should fail trying to write to such locations
2020-10-17[05:52:39] <Brendan[m]2> how does wayland affect frame rates? i thought there was currently a performance /loss/ if anything
2020-09-28[11:54:19] <rekado> it seems like an acceptable loss if things go bad
2020-09-04[07:20:47] <str1ngs> there is also CLFS if you want to loss your sanity
2020-08-30[19:35:33] <str1ngs> rekado_: I'd have to check if it concatenates an existing GI_TYPE_LIB_PATH but offhand I'd say no it doesn't. other wise it would loss functional packaging.
2020-08-30[19:38:52] <rekado_> str1ngs: how does overwriting GI_TYPELIB_PATH result in a loss of functional packaging?
2020-08-30[19:40:14] <str1ngs> rekado_: over writing is fine. its concatenation in the wrap that could loss functional packaging
2020-08-30[19:51:25] <str1ngs> rekado_: sorry for the rant. to answer your question better if the wrap did this it would loss functional package. export GI_TYPELIB_PATH="$GI_TYPLIB_PATH:/gnu/store/output...:/gnu/store/output" pseudo code.
2020-08-25[19:53:44] * vagrantc mourns the loss of nckx and watches innumerable software updates in guix lag
2020-08-25[23:04:38] <kristofer> sudo mtr 3. <80% packet loss. substitutes are awfully slow. any ideas?
2020-08-25[23:04:59] <kristofer> woops, >80% packet loss
2020-08-25[23:07:12] <nckx> The packet loss doesn't seem significant.
2020-08-23[23:29:17] <vagrantc> janneke: ok, then i guess i should just push the fix ... although a little at a loss for writing the commit message
2020-08-10[16:28:43] <tissevert> but I've spent more than 3 weeks at it and I'm starting to worry this was a pure loss ^^
2020-07-30[20:56:45] <jotaru> I get 100% packet loss when I ping for some reason
2020-07-30[20:58:26] <jotaru> I just pinged for 2 minuted to 94% packet loss
2020-07-30[21:00:30] <jotaru> On my mac I get only 3% packet loss
2020-07-30[21:04:39] <jotaru> 0% loss on
2020-07-29[17:43:43] <brettgilio> This will probably be the shortest doctor's visit. I had some sudden hearing loss that was reversed, and I'm here to just be like "yeah. Ears are good now. Thanks"
2020-07-18[19:03:24] <alextee[m]> this part: Allowing anyone to reuse or modify your logo or trademark as a matter of copyright could result in your inability to limit use of your logo or trademark selectively to accomplish those purposes. Applying a CC license to your trademarks and logos could even result in a loss of your trademark rights altogether.
2020-06-30[01:26:55] <ryanprior> so I am at a loss where Guix is getting this hash, is something I'm doing just totally not supported?
2020-06-02[22:17:40] * nckx not a network person, can't help further. 300ms is about double what I'd expect but not horrible. And no packaget loss. I dunno.
2020-06-01[19:30:53] <lle-bout> In reality, I intended to give 64GB of RAM to that VM, but somehow it reads otherwise from inside it, probably due to alignment losses
2020-05-21[21:32:40] <nckx> reepca`: How networks work in practice doesn't always make it obvious that they're cumulative. There's often some weird outlier in the middle (that doesn't affect your real path) or bizarre MPLS phantom packet loss or���
2020-05-20[19:33:00] <ryanprior> It doesn't work & after much debugging and repl mashing I'm at a loss as to why. If anybody with greater Guile expertise can take a look I would appreciate a second perspective!
2020-05-02[09:18:12] <bricewge> To confirm the issue run "mtr" and you'll probably end up with a lot of packets loss on one of the hop.
2020-05-01[22:52:11] <bricewge> sneek: Later tell dftxbs3e Did you managed, to have answer trough usenet about the packet loss?
2020-05-01[22:53:39] <sneek> dftxbs3e, bricewge says: Did you managed, to have answer trough usenet about the packet loss?
2020-05-01[22:59:14] <dftxbs3e> bricewge, because the observed speed loss vs the ratio of dropped packets doesnt make sense
2020-04-29[18:44:16] <rekado> you won���t get a result for because the firewall filters pings, but it should show you if there���s any loss on the way to that server
2020-04-29[18:46:38] <rekado>
2020-04-29[18:50:12] <rekado> I���m going over which has 0% loss
2020-04-29[18:54:03] <civodul> from a VPN i have 80% loss at
2020-04-24[13:08:50] <ecbrown> don't have a batch scheduler around anymore, so i look into Grid Engine at no loss
2020-04-23[23:05:13] <bricewge> andrew: Could you try ���guix environment --ad-hoc mtr -- sudo mtr��� to see if you have some packets loss?
2020-04-23[23:11:28] <andrew> bricewge: Looks like I'm getting arround 30% packet loss from a jump from LA to Hamburg
2020-04-23[23:12:35] <andrew> jonsger: Yeah also seeing around 10% loss on a couple dfn hops
2020-04-19[17:36:28] <lle-bout> there's loss somewhere around Hamburg on a Level3 router
2020-04-19[17:37:47] <lle-bout> It shows loss at some Free backbone router and then at some Level3 one, weird.
2020-04-19[17:38:05] <lle-bout> 50% loss on the Free backbone
2020-04-19[17:39:24] <lle-bout> how would you report packet loss to Free...
2020-04-19[17:41:49] <bricewge> I have around 25% packet loss on my part
2020-04-19[17:41:50] <vincelevi> hello lle-bout, I am also on free, and also experiencing slowness in dl'ing guix substitutes, so I'm trying mtr, and it also shows significant loss on one of free's routers along the path...