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2021-02-19[00:31:53] <jackhill> hmmm "guix pull: error: while creating symlink '/home/jackhill/.config/guix/current': No such file or directory"
2021-02-19[00:34:01] <jackhill> guix pull -v3 doesn't give any more information���
2021-02-19[00:57:19] <OriansJ> jackhill: you can manually link to /var/guix/profiles/per-user/$username//guix-profile
2021-02-19[05:31:20] <jackhill> rekado, OriansJ: thanks, manually creating .config/guix first as stated in #46269 got pull working for me.
2021-02-19[05:37:35] <lispmacs> hi, I'd really like to try out Qucs, but it doesn't currently build because of the python2 problem. I'm trying to build it with time machine but am having trouble finding a guix commit where Qucs or a dependency doesn't have a build problem. Does somebody know of a month or a commit where it definitely was building successfully
2021-02-19[07:53:44] <Shmiggles> HELP: When using guix pack -R to create relocatable binaries and unpacking (tar xf) to local directory, I am unable to delete the gnu folder (permission denied with rm -rf). Not sure how that is even possible
2021-02-19[09:21:29] <civodul> Hello Guix!
2021-02-19[10:23:59] <wonko_the_sane> bhoefling: you may be interested in using 'guix pack ..' and '--relocatable'
2021-02-19[10:26:44] <bhoefling> wonko_the_sane: To produce the 'guix pack', I would need a store somewhere :-) I don't want to use another machine to hack this together. I want to use a real Guix(TM) :-)
2021-02-19[11:30:32] <brendyyn> the guix chat log search seems to be down
2021-02-19[12:13:54] <boombim> Hey guys. I've installed `flameshot` with guix but unfortunately `flameshot gui` command doesn't work. Can you guys help me with it?
2021-02-19[12:16:08] <civodul> if you don't get a timely reply here, you can report the issue by email to
2021-02-19[12:16:24] <civodul> as well as the output of "guix describe"
2021-02-19[12:19:37] <boombim> but with flameshot from guix it doesn't
2021-02-19[12:21:12] <boombim> civodul send bug report to bug-guix as well
2021-02-19[12:34:38] <avalenn> I wonder if ERIS integration with Guix faces the same challenges or if they approach it totally differently.
2021-02-19[12:56:30] <nckx> We should be able to replicate Debian's behaviour. Could you send a bug report to bug-guix@ ?
2021-02-19[13:00:41] <nckx> "Non-members are not allowed to post messages to this list." is certainly not true of bug-guix at
2021-02-19[13:00:55] <boombim>
2021-02-19[13:23:50] <nckx> Unless we haven't discussed something called ���guix��� since 4 January.
2021-02-19[14:22:37] <daphnis> i'm a bit confused about the application setup in the installation guide. it says to install glibc-(utf8-)locales and export GUIX_LOCPATH.... -- shouldn't this go into .bashrc or something? anyway, after doing this, i still get the same `hint' about installing ...-locales when i do `guix package --list-installed`
2021-02-19[14:23:36] <civodul> i'll send a message to guix-sysadmin
2021-02-19[14:24:52] <rekado> evidence:
2021-02-19[14:38:17] <civodul> daphnis: "ls $(guix build glibc-utf8-locales)/lib/locale/2.31" shows that en_GB.utf8 isn't there
2021-02-19[14:41:58] <nckx> daphnis: Never in .bashrc. The installation script (etc/ creates an /etc/profile.d drop-in that sets it correctly if the required locale package is installed.
2021-02-19[14:48:24] <civodul> "guix size glibc-locales" gives a good idea of what the tradeoff is :-)
2021-02-19[14:49:25] <nckx> ngz: I think the ���problem��� we're discussing only affects foreign distroes, not Guix System, because it already does that.
2021-02-19[14:55:57] <nckx> Generating 645 packages is trivial, it's just a procedure, but it rather goes against how we currently Do Things in Guix.
2021-02-19[14:56:13] <dftxbs3e> hello! is it possible currently to alter all packages in GNU Guix with package transformations during the invocation of one GNU Guix command?
2021-02-19[15:00:42] <ngz> BTW, was there a discussion about Rust packaging in the last Guix Day?
2021-02-19[15:01:21] <nckx> sneek: Later ask boombim: could you /msg me the e-mail address you used to mail bug-guix? Unless you're Pastor Patrick Agugoesi, your mail never made it through and I'd like to ask the GNU sysadmins if they know why.
2021-02-19[15:05:56] <ngz> without "rust-input-A" being the name of a package in Guix, of course
2021-02-19[15:14:58] <raghavgururajan> Hello Guix!
2021-02-18[00:39:23] <lf94> guix is not available on debian buster :'(
2021-02-18[00:42:17] <wonko_the_sane> incidentally, in all of #guix circa 8 year logged history, this is apparently the first string containing: 'λ'
2021-02-18[00:50:23] <lf94> milkey: there is some setup to guix if it is not packaged for your distro.
2021-02-18[00:52:36] <milkey> try guix build node --with-version=12.x, it might Just Work
2021-02-18[01:01:29] <milkey> this seems to work (don't have time to see if it builds successfully though): guix build -e '((@ (guix packages) package) (inherit (@ (gnu packages node) node)) (version "12.20.2"))'
2021-02-18[01:09:30] <leoprikler> interestingly marks node as failed, when the build seems to have succeeded 🤔️
2021-02-18[01:21:49] <leoprikler> Especially since `guix refresh -l <rust-package>` seems broken.
2021-02-18[02:15:50] <jgart[m]> <lf94 "guix is not available on debian "> It's available in sid
2021-02-18[02:18:01] <milkey> honestly it's not worth installing a distro's guix package vs. using the tarball from IMO. I tried packaged versions of guix from both gentoo and ubuntu and they each had issues that would not have come up had I just followed the handbook
2021-02-18[02:22:03] <jgart[m]> <Guest96 "jgart ok, maybe I got it: guix m"> A manifest works exactly like it sounds. It is a list of packages. Instead of running `guix install foo`, `guix install bar@2.0`, etc... you can put all the packages in a manifest and install them to a profile. See this blog post: which refers back to the man pages at the bottom.
2021-02-18[04:10:44] <erhandsome> seems like guix homepage returns 404 when Accept-Language is zh-CN
2021-02-18[04:11:09] <erhandsome> curl '' -H 'Accept-Language: zh-CN'
2021-02-18[04:27:24] <milkey> you can inspect it in guix repl for one
2021-02-18[04:40:21] <awb999> I am still failing to load my namespace to the guix repl
2021-02-18[05:14:47] <jackhill> I haven't used non-guix linphone, so I can't say if its a problem with our package or a general linphone problem. My provider is, so that's different than yours.
2021-02-18[05:35:40] <jgart[m]> <awb999 "how do that?"> there's functions in guix/records.scm that you can use to inspect a package. A package is a scheme record that can have other records inside of it (e.g. the source field takes another scheme record called origin)
2021-02-18[08:22:21] <efraim> what do we have for matrix clients on Guix? (that isn't emacs)
2021-02-18[08:24:02] <milkey> I can't get it to not give a "no code for module (guix config)" error when I build the package
2021-02-18[08:31:42] <iyzsong-w> okay, then I think that's the '#:imported-modules' argument for the build system, see 'gnu-build' in guix/build-system/gnu.scm
2021-02-18[08:33:01] <milkey> when I used substitute-keyword-arguments in another file I was able to do (arguments (substitute-keyword-arguments (package-arguments alacritty) ;((#:imported-modules m %cargo-build-system-modules) `(,@m (guix build rpath)))
2021-02-18[08:40:21] <raghavgururajan> Hello Guix!
2021-02-18[08:40:38] <milkey> so this is weird. (arguments `(#:imported-modules (,@%cmake-build-system-modules))) works, but (arguments `(#:imported-modules (,@%cmake-build-system-modules (guix utils)))) doesn't. how could adding a module cause something to stop working...
2021-02-18[08:44:38] <milkey> oh, I think I figured it out: I need to import (source-module-closure `((guix utils))) not just (guix utils)
2021-02-18[09:10:30] <irstlovef> anki is broken on my guix ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory :(
2021-02-18[09:18:23] <irstlovef> then guix remove qtbase, anki lunch successfully finally.
2021-02-18[09:22:46] <irstlovef> Yes, iirc anki in guix repo uses qt5.14.
2021-02-18[10:03:39] <leoprikler> milkey: do you really want guix utils though or just guix build utils?
2021-02-18[10:57:44] <rekado_> also:
2021-02-18[11:18:35] <jlicht> hey guix!
2021-02-18[12:33:52] <nckx> dftxbs3e: Congratulations! Could you send a mail to guix-devel ‘introducing’ yourself, including the key fingerprint you'll be using? Also read <> and all relevant links, but I'm sure you already have ☺
2021-02-18[12:38:38] <dftxbs3e> funny how if you type "commit access" on search engines the second result is GNU Guix manual aha
2021-02-18[13:21:34] <dftxbs3e> Maybe it would be useful to spend budget of GNU Guix on someone there
2021-02-18[13:25:41] <boombim> BTW I'm using debian inside guix
2021-02-18[13:25:54] <boombim> oh, guix inside the debian. sorry
2021-02-18[13:29:36] * nckx would expect so: ‘/home/tim/.guix-profile/share/fonts/truetype: caching, new cache contents: 176 fonts, 0 dirs’
2021-02-18[13:30:28] <rekado_> Rovanion: you *can* do that with Guix as well. But it’s a different workflow, and you ask the people doing the work to accommodate a different workflow, which means that it’s more work for the reviewers
2021-02-18[13:31:07] <rekado_> dftxbs3e: what is the proposal here? I think this channel and help-guix are pretty good in terms of helping people contribute.
2021-02-18[13:32:26] <boombim> I have serveral more questions. I have installes `peek` with guix. And it works if i invoke it from terminal. But it doesn't from gnome app menu. Is it possible to figure out what's wrong?
2021-02-18[13:37:00] <dftxbs3e> GNU Guix.
2021-02-18[13:38:29] <dftxbs3e> nckx, maybe.. GNU Guix's pretty big as well!
2021-02-18[13:48:35] <boombim> export XDG_DATA_DIRS=$XDG_DATA_DIRS:$HOME/.guix-profile/share
2021-02-18[13:52:37] <dftxbs3e> nckx, rekado_: I am sorry for any misunderstanding, I wanted to describe a feeling I had not say anyone was doing anything wrong, that's never what I thought and didnt mean it either. So I am sorry again, I will be pouring time into GNU Guix and it's community as you also do so it will hopefully improve the experience for others.
2021-02-18[13:53:18] <jlicht> boombim: I don't know what you can still try then, sorry. Perhaps send an email to the help-guix mailing list describing your issue, in the hopes that somebody has experience with this issue
2021-02-18[14:04:12] <dftxbs3e> At least their logic with to make branches from individual patches
2021-02-18[14:12:30] <raghavgururajan> What endianness does guix uses?
2021-02-18[14:15:18] <jlicht> dftxbs3e: it is electron based though, so no dice on getting it packaged in guix any time soon
2021-02-18[14:15:47] <mothacehe> hey guix! I'd like to be able to send automatic emails to "" using Cuirass. Do I need to setup a MTA such as Postfix or is there an easier way?
2021-02-18[14:21:47] <mothacehe> dftxbs3e: looks like mail tries to connect to a local MTA. My question is what's the easier setup to be able to send automatic emails to ""
2021-02-18[14:27:40] <mothacehe> sendemail -f -t -s
2021-02-18[14:27:53] <mothacehe> The recipient <> was rejected by the mail server, error follows, 550 relay not permitted
2021-02-18[14:28:27] <dftxbs3e> mothacehe, does the guix-ci email exist?
2021-02-18[15:00:13] <ngz> Hello Guix
2021-02-18[15:43:00] <pineapples> Should ever Linux lose its funding, manpower and be overshadowed by an emerging alternative, and Hurd is never completed; what will happen to GNU Guix? Can it be ported to other POSIX, FLOSS kernel, and have its development continued? Just asking because I'm concerned about whatever the future holds for free computing in general, should it ever be threatened
2021-02-18[15:45:35] <rekado> pineapples: Linux isn’t all *that* important for Guix. There are only few things that directly depend on Linux (like (guix syscalls)). Guix would work on top of whichever kernel the GNU C Library can talk to.
2021-02-18[15:46:03] * raghavgururajan thinks Hurd gets completed as a part of Guix. <3
2021-02-18[15:46:23] <narispo> raghavgururajan: looks more likely than pre-Guix era for sure :-)
2021-02-18[15:49:14] <roptat> oh no:
2021-02-18[15:50:04] <raghavgururajan> pineapples: Did you know? Guix is working on a proprietary kernel under the hood, to mitigate the scenario you are concerned with. It will be released on 2021-04-01.
2021-02-18[15:59:51] <dftxbs3e> pineapples, Free Software cannot be deprecated just like that as long as it has users, organizations behind GNU/Linux distributions like this smaller one (GNU Guix) depend on the Linux kernel and will show up to at least keep a project in maintenance mode if anything occurs.
2021-02-18[16:02:02] <leoprikler> Let's port guix to sweb!
2021-02-18[16:02:23] <pineapples> dftxbs3e: Yes, perhaps it wouldn't hurt in the short term but in the long term... that's why I've asked if Guix can be ported to other FOSS kernel, which rekado and nckx have already addressed
2021-02-18[16:03:28] <dftxbs3e> If "long term" then that means GNU Guix (or any software) also has time to adapt within that time
2021-02-18[16:09:04] <mroh> hey #guix!
2021-02-18[17:02:53] <jackhill> The only thing I notice is that they say to use git submodule update. This makes me suspect that we'd want to package those separately in Guix (alhtough I didn't look at what they are).
2021-02-18[17:04:01] <boombim> jlicht it's popular gui music player and I suppose many people will use it on guix.
2021-02-18[17:04:51] <PotentialUser-78> Hi, I'm considering guix as my new os, and I see that it can compile packages and is even compared with portage. However I can't find anything about compilation options in the doc. Does guix support custom compilation options like -O3 and so on ?
2021-02-18[17:06:48] <leoprikler> In Gentoo speak: No, Guix does not have CFLAGS. But if you really want to, you can rewrite your entire package tree to add -O3 to #:configure-flags everywhere