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2021-02-18[00:42:17] <wonko_the_sane> incidentally, in all of #guix circa 8 year logged history, this is apparently the first string containing: 'λ'
2020-10-29[22:05:59] <erkin> (call-with-values (λ () (may-return-2-or-f)) (λ vals (if (equal? vals '(#f)) (error "yikes") (frobnicate (car vals) (cadr vals)))))
2020-10-29[22:07:56] <raingloom> (λ () (may-return-2-or-f)) isn't this the same as (may-return-2-or-f) ?
2020-10-06[15:28:14] <nckx> madage: You're missing a (λ ...) around the let. And a , before myname, but there's no reason in that limited example for the inner let localname. Just use ,myname directly.
2020-08-18[18:19:01] <nckx> Phase lambdas are called with various keyword arguments (-> should be documented in Guile manual) such as inputs, outputs, make-flags, and more, but you can only access them inside the λ if you explicitly request (bind) them like that.
2020-07-08[23:50:34] <nckx> Neat, I always forget that find-files can take a λ.
2020-05-22[18:23:36] <abralek> I think I am doing something wrong here λ guix environment -C -s i686-linux -P gcc-{objc,objc++}@5 --ad-hoc coreutils libx11 linux-pam strace bash --pure -- bash
2020-05-19[12:19:30] <ennoausberlin> ~ λ guix package -i chez-web
2020-04-07[01:31:06] <guix-vits> [env]λ taisei 0 I: main: Girls are now preparing, please wait\ warmly...
2020-03-24[07:32:45] <guix-vits> Parra: λ file hello
2020-03-06[20:22:46] <nckx> (You can then start customising your compositions, e.g. /+\ = λ, and fun ensues.)
2020-02-21[15:33:18] <erkin> I've got λ on AltGr-l but you could put £ or ł there.
2020-02-21[15:33:33] <erkin> (I use λ relatively often in Scheme.)
2019-12-11[20:51:04] <nckx> Something like that. I've done some pretty weird things (‘…man’), it's a very obscure ref to some of them, deliberately so. I only noticed the obvious λ in there after I put it up. 't Was meant to be.
2019-06-07[20:41:46] <nckx> ~/guix ⑂nckx-master* λ vim
2019-05-09[00:11:40] <nckx> str1ngs: Nope. ~ λ guix environment --pure --ad-hoc qttools → λ qtpaths | Usage: qtpaths [options] [name] | …
2019-04-20[18:24:11] <atw> scheme-file seems to have compiled a λ into a ?
2019-03-18[18:35:32] <nckx> phenoble: λ g++ snippet.cpp -std=c++17 -o out && ./out → 10
2019-03-18[18:35:51] <nckx> (λ is just my silly bash prompt.)
2018-07-05[11:36:17] <nckx> λ echo $GUILE_LOAD_PATH → /run/current-system/profile/share/guile/site/2.2:/run/current-system/profile/share/guile/site/2.2
2018-07-05[11:37:45] <nckx> Inside the env: ‘guix env 3c1… guile-sqlite3 &c λ echo $GUILE_LOAD_PATH → /gnu/store/3c1l7mkrlcscwijx76gkkj604z6kqly8-profile/share/guile/site/2.2:/home/nckx/guix:/home/nckx/guix:/run/current-system/profile/share/guile/site/2.2:/run/current-system/profile/share/guile/site/2.2’
2018-07-05[11:39:00] <nckx> ^ Everything before λ is just my fancy-butt $PS1.
2018-07-05[12:01:09] <nckx> roptat: info know but just don't care: λ info -w guix → /home/nckx/.config/guix/current/share/info/
2018-07-04[18:05:28] <nckx> ~ λ grep font- /etc/guix/system.scm → "font-abattis-cantarell" "font-fira-code" "font-gnu-unifont" "font-hack" "gs-fonts"
2018-07-02[23:50:31] <nckx> λ grep -w dd doc/guix.texi dd if=guixsd-install-@value{VERSION}.x86_64-linux.iso of=/dev/sdX
2017-12-22[13:48:39] <ng0> hi! I know technically it doesn't matter what we use for starting a lambda, but can we stick with the convention of 'lambda' and 'lambda*'? There was a recent commit that used lambda* and λ :
2017-12-22[14:59:24] <ng0> civodul: it's not the first use of λ. grep for it in the root of the guix checkout
2017-09-18[16:51:44] <happy_gnu[m]> (λ Orionis)
2015-10-08[16:34:43] <alezost> why is Nix logo made of "λ"-s?
2015-10-08[16:39:51] <remi`bd> alezost: because it’s a “functional package manager” with the same “functional” as “functional programming”, and lambda (λ) is kind of a symbol for functional programming.
2015-06-16[20:27:04] <davexunit> we should be super lispy and add "Made with λ by the GNU Guix hackers" to the footer instead of "Made with ♥ by humans" :)
2015-06-16[20:50:26] <alezost> yay for λ!!!
2015-06-16[20:50:57] * mark_weaver ♥ λ :)
2014-02-18[17:34:26] <civodul> BTW, i now use DejaVu, and indeed, it's much better for things like λ
2014-01-06[23:14:09] <xyh> (i think i am generalizing the whole λ-cal theory to form a math background for my language)
2014-01-06[23:22:42] <xyh> representation λ-abstractions as digraphs:
2014-01-06[23:22:42] <xyh> (λ (a) (a (λ (a) (a a)))) ==> #0=(λ (a) ((a . #0#) #1=(λ (a) ((a . #1#) (a . #1#)))))
2014-01-06[23:24:00] <xyh> in my repl (λ (a) (a (λ (a) (a a)))) is eval to a digraphs
2014-01-06[23:27:50] <civodul> λ in Bitstream Vera is awful