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<efraim>hi zimoun!
<efraim>has anyone managed to cross compile gfortran? Its the last piece missing for cross compiling openmp
<civodul>openmpi, right?
<civodul>you need a cross gfortran, or a cross-compiled gfortran?
<civodul>i'd say the former, right?
<efraim>I think a cross gfortran
<efraim>I tried moving gfortan to native-inputs but that failed the openmpi check with linking C and Fortran code
<efraim>it's not as simple as putting gfortran in as the xgcc in cross-gcc, right?
<efraim>I tried (if (%current-system) gfortran (cross-gcc (%current-target-system) #:xgcc gfortran))
<efraim>it wasn't being picked up, will try it a bit more
<efraim>just noticed cross-base wasn't imported
<civodul>efraim: could it be that gfortran is an optional dependency?...
<efraim>that I haven't checked, but I've now rearranged the code to have the cross-gcc be the only option, so i'll see if the logic I posted was actually correct
<efraim>I had it with just a comma, probably need ,@ like the other inputs
<efraim>cross-gcc hardcodes gcc, so gfortran is technically out