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<civodul>i posted v2 of the --tune patches, if you'd like to give it a try:
<zimoun>civodul, I have seen. Not yet the time to give a look.
<zimoun>BTW, I missed the public announcement of :-)
<zimoun>Nice read!
<zimoun>civodul, do you have an idea about my Cluster issue? Unworking “guix pack -RR”.
<zimoun>rekado_: do you know the number of disk and their size in the RAID array on Berlin? (if there is a RAID array :-))
<civodul>zimoun: ah no, i need to test it; did you report a bug already?
<civodul>i'll see if i can get around to it this afternoon
<civodul>oh and i also owe rekado_ a "guix deploy" fix
<zimoun>It was not clear for me if it was a real bug or a bug between the chair and the keyboard. :-)
<civodul>it looked like a real bug
<zimoun>Ok. So let report it. I will do.
<rekado_>zimoun: yes, I know it all :)
<rekado_>the disk array that holds the store and caches is a RAID 10 consisting of 10 disks. 1 is a hot spare.
<rekado_>there are two RAID cards
<rekado_>I’ll experiment soon with a SAN to which I can attach with a fiber connection.
<rekado_>there we have only about 20T available for Guix right now, so it won’t be enough to move the store (e.g. to allow us to reformat the file system or switch to btrfs), but it will be enough for GC tests.
<zimoun>rekado_: thanks. And thanks for the report.